Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Getting the Gypsy

Well I am getting the Gypsy - old news to most of you but new, scary and exciting to me. I am that old dog that is trying to learn new tricks and becoming a pest to those who are trying to help me learn. (Thank you Karin!) I do have a question or two for those of you who are experienced with the Gypsy. I will be uploading all my cartridges and once I do that, they can never be uploaded again. What happens if the Gypsy breaks? You know I drop it, the grand baby puts it in the toilet, the dog chews it up, etc.? You see all those stories that people tell and laugh about I think start in my house. Do you register it and then it is on file somewhere what you have on it or are you just sol? That is my biggest fear I think. So do any of you experienced Gypsy users have any info for me??

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