Monday, July 30, 2012

For the Happy Couple

This month over at Sparkles Monthly Challenge the challenge was to create a Wedding or Anniversary craft. They are a multi craft site so all you really have to do is keep with the theme of the month. Another thing that they do that I like is this is a monthly challenge so you have plenty of time to create your beautiful crafts. I made this card that can be used for either a wedding or an anniversary. I used Cricuts Sweethearts cartridge to cut the cake which is cut at 3 inches. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Monday, July 23, 2012

A Thank You

Wow it has been almost a year since I added anything to this blog! How sad. In the last year I moved and have spent most of my time trying to fix a house that I think is beyond repair. I was starting to get depressed and would literally sit on the couch and pretty much do nothing. All I could see was what needed to be done and all the obstacles in my way stopping me from doing it. One of the smartest things I did though was when I moved in the first room I did was my new scrap room. It is one of the two rooms in the house that is complete. But still I never came back here. Can't really say why. I think maybe I felt that if the 'house' work wasn't done I couldn't play. Well almost a year goes by and my wonderful sister in Michigan finally got through to me. That by doing a little of something that you love each day keeps you sane. To set apart some time and do something that you enjoy. It makes you feel better and you get something accomplished. We have always been a crafty family. Always in the process of making something. The last few years we have been working really hard on our family tree and scrapping old family photos. She made me realize that creating scrapbook pages and cards were my therapy. Now instead of sitting on the couch worrying about what I can't do in the house, I come back to my little world and it has helped so much. I returned to one of my favorite sites My Sketch World  They have different challenges and crops, small talk between the members and advice. Just what I needed to get back my creative bug. I just happened to go back at the beginning of one of the weekend crops they have. One of the challenges was to make a girly card and I was pretty stumped. In my mind I new what girly was but it had been so long that I new I needed help to get started. So I paged through Cardmakers magazine and saw a card that I loved. There are a few things that I did differently but for the most part I lifted it. But after making this I could feel the mojo returning. I guess what I have really been doing here is thanking my sister, so if you didn't catch it 'Thank you Gayle - I love you'